Well I can’t say that it has not been interesting, but we needed to work out a way to train that will keep us all fit, functional and learning essential self defence skills while keeping us safe.

Looking at the successes and difficulties over the last 6 months we have put together a comprehensive program that will enable those of us who would like to return to some level of interactive training to do so in a way that abides by the guidelines that we have been given by the government.

Via Krav Maga Classes Online we have 90 minute technical sessions running every week that have specific themes and technical progression from the yellow, orange and green syllabus.

We have the opportunity for you get involved in some training 5 days a week in the following easy to remember ways !

Face-to-Face Monday

19:30-22:00 – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sessions in our main Brixton hub from 19:30.

Face to face training, with minimised contact, regular hand sanitisation and lot of ventilation.

Heavy HIIT Tuesday

07:30-08:00 – Krav HIIT training online

Special Seminar Wednesday

19:00-20:00 – One of the UK Black Belts runs an online technical session

Heavy HIIT Thursday

07:30-08:00 – Krav HIIT training online

(Free Friday !)

Syllabus Saturday

11:00 – If you haven’t already done it, do the 90 minute Krav Maga Classes Online weekly session for your grade

(and Sleep on Sunday of course ! )