Krav Maga Instructor Simon Pither - Krav Maga Self Defence London (Brixton, Tulse Hill, Gipsy Hill, Hoxton, City)

Simon Pither

Fast, Simple and Effective - you'll hear it a lot....!

Simon is the highest graded British Black Belt in the European Federation of Krav Maga (FEKM) and was instrumental in the creation of the UK Sector of the FEKM which was officially inaugurated in January 2015. He is currently running his own club in Brixton, while monitoring and assisting other clubs to develop in London (Eitan Krav Maga) and Shrewsbury (Shrewsbury Krav Maga).

Simon says: ” I have enjoyed martial arts from a young age and was lucky enough to spend many years developing skills in Judo, Boxing and Kung Fu. However, it was during the 11 years that I spent training with the Marbo School of Martial Arts and Survival that I started to understand the need for effective self defence training that didn’t require years of martial arts to develop. I worked with the lead instructor at the time to create a system that applied this concept, and we taught it to many many people. Little was I to know that I would join a Krav Maga class years later and discover an entire martial art based on the idea of fast, simple, effective techniques that are easy to learn, easy to replicate and devastatingly effective. I was hooked from the start !”