What is Krav Maga, why does it work and how do we use it?

The simple answer is that it is a physical tool box specifically designed for the purpose of self defence. What that actually means and why it works, is a little more complicated, and is worthy of a little study and explanation !

Any martial art or self defence technique that you choose can be expanded, discussed and focussed on and all the intricate details listed until the motion or reaction itself becomes a whole long list of things that you must do in sequence otherwise the technique is ‘wrong’. This in itself is actually the direct opposite to violence in reality which is, by its very nature, chaotic and something that you cannot plan for in advance.

In the 7 short articles to follow, I would like to investigate this and other areas to see if a plan for violence is truly possible and if so, how to train for it.

The articles are as follows:

  1. Historical examples of ‘Krav Maga Thinking’
  2. Can you define a structure to the chaos of street violence?
  3. Can we plan for a real self defence ‘street fight’ past the initial response?
  4. How can we maintain successive effective attacks?
  5. How do you practise for reality and chaos?
  6. How to make your training ‘more real’
  7. Conclusion


Simon Pither 14/2/18

Krav Maga Bear Hug defence

Defence against being grabbed in a bear hug from the rear over both arms

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